Oh man! Freak that bitch out den, Tone!

nuts in da ass

Nuts in da ass, dick in da pussy is the true new nigga fuck stylez style...
Bust a nut on your missus tonight! Nuts down her ass, push ya dick down da pussy.


Tony Eveready: Hell yeah!
TE: You say let her stick my nuts in there like that.
Actor #2: Stick your nuts in there, nigga.
TE: Spread them ass cheeks.
Actor #2: Spread your ass cheeks!
Actor #3: Spread your ass cheeks girl, spread 'em up.
Actor #2: Spread them motherfuckers open.
TE: Awwww, nigga.
Actor #2: Come on, spread 'em.
Actor #3: Awww, nigga. Get 'em... get 'em - spread 'em bitch!
Actor #2: Relax your ass, nigga. Spread the cheeks.
TE: He can get 'em in there, I'm trying to see if I can get my shit in there now.
Actor #2: Get 'em in there, dawg.
Actor #4: My balls too tight for that shit.
Actor #3: Awww... that's right, bitch.
TE: Shit... first nut's in there, right nut in that motherfucker.
Actor #2: That's right, bitch!
Actor #4: Nigga! My balls too tight for that shit, nigga.
Actor #3: Oh man! Freak that bitch out den, Tone!
Actor #2: Who you talkin' to, nigga?
Actor #3: Freak that bitch out then, Tone!
TE: Awww, yeahhh... Nutsack don't wanna leave that fuckin' asshole.
Actor #4: N-Nuts -- nutsa -- nutsack in the asshole. Let's see if you can flip the dick now. Flip the dick down the pussy!
Actor #2: Ohhh, clown on her.
Actor #4: Nigga, flip the dick
TE: Nigga, what - what.
Actor #2: That nigga clownin'!
Actor #3: What, what!
Actor #2: Nuts in da ass, dick in da pussy, ain't it? Mmmhmmm. You's a nasty girl, ain't ya.
Actor #4: That's the first time I ever seen that shit like that.
Actor #4: Nuts in da ass, dick in da pussy. Aww shit nigga, what.
TE: Now, I'm gonna go try this at home! I'm like shit, nigga,I'll sit there and do this at home. That asshole tight, keepin' my nutssnug - it won't even let my nuts out the ass.
Actor #2: How you like that, how you like that?
Actor #3: Fuck you, bitch.
TE: Motherfuckin' asshole don't even wanna let my nuts out ... asshole don't wanna let my nuts out!
Actor #4: Now you gotta DP.
TE: You gettin' DP'd any god damn way. Look at that, assholedon't even wanna let my nuts out ... yeeeeaaah. God dammit, mmhmmm. Younasty ass bitch.
Actor #4: Mmmm.

Dog In A Bath Tub

This is a proper name for when you attempt to insert your nuts into a girl's ass. It is so named because it can be just as hard as keeping a dog in the tub while giving it a bath.


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